There are millions of websites on the internet about different fields of the life from family to business and  education to entertainment. You may want to be one of these millions who have website or blog. Your site might be just to stay connected to your family or friends, or you just want to share your life experiences with the world or it can be only for your hobbies.

We use internet daily but most of us without knowing that what is internet, what is website and how it works, so it will be better to cover some basics about internet, website and how it works.

Every web designer wants to use very impressive-looking and eye-catching font style for each new project but it was not easy as today. In old days we used to have to code our webpages according to the font consistently available, then google launch this wonderful directory Google Web Fonts

This article will describe main options of Google web fonts, and how to use those options to produce unique font styles for website.

Google Web Fonts Main Page

We have 649 font families available, these fonts located on google servers and these fonts are free to use. Out of these 649 font styles, 27 belong to Serif, 165 to Sans Serif, 229 for Display, 115 from Handwriting, and 13 are from Monospace. 

In today's technological world it may seem that everyone has a website or web page. The web has become an essential part of everyday life. We can assume that a business , regardless of its size, will have a website. Normaldevices display sizes websites do not fit to different screen sizes. Every website owner wants to reach maximum public to gain maximum output from his/her website. We have desktop monitors, LCDs, laptops, mobiles and tablets.

So, we need a solution that would work on all screen sizes. As we know "Necessity is the Mother of Invention", and this necessity, caused to invent Responsive Web Design (RWD). It is a buzz word in web design circles. With the help of responsive design we can solve very real problem about how and where website will be accessed. 

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