In this tutorial we will learn how to install and configure Joomla at local system. Benefit of this is that you can build and modify website as per your required and when you are satisfied then put it online for public. 

Joomla needs a Web Server to run, so it is not a normal software that can install on your own computer normally. In this tutorial first of all, we will setup a server on our computer which is required to install and run joomla. This means you'll make Joomla run on your computer as a real, "live" web server. This method is fine for testing purposes and it makes it easy to develop a site without having access to a live web server.

What is difference between Joomla Module, Plugin and Component?

Joomla, the most popular CMS system provides three main tools to manipulate or furnish your content which are modules, plugins and components. These all three tools called Extensions of Joomla but with different functionality.

joomla module component

There are many reasons which can result the error of K2 Component in Menu items list as component com_k2 does not exist and there are many solutions on the net but here I want to discuss one solution which I could not find on the net.

After migration from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 2.5, you can encounter the same error in menu items.

Error of K2 component as it does not exist

 At front end you may see below message on clicking on any menu item.

No doubt Google search engine used by majority of internet users to search related information. Hence, who has a website whether it relates to a small business or a group of companies, whether it relates to personal blog or a non-profit organization, whether it relates to any religious compaign or a musical album, owner of the website needs viewers and wants to reach his targeted audience. The best way is to submit your website into Google search engine, so targeted people can reach to your website. Question is that how to submit a website into Google search engine.

In fact no need to submit your website for its inclustion into Google search engine because it is automatically detected by its spiders when they crawl, but you don't know about your traffic, health of website and many more analyticall things. For this purpose you have to use Google's Webmaster tool.