No doubt Google search engine used by majority of internet users to search related information. Hence, who has a website whether it relates to a small business or a group of companies, whether it relates to personal blog or a non-profit organization, whether it relates to any religious compaign or a musical album, owner of the website needs viewers and wants to reach his targeted audience. The best way is to submit your website into Google search engine, so targeted people can reach to your website. Question is that how to submit a website into Google search engine.

In fact no need to submit your website for its inclustion into Google search engine because it is automatically detected by its spiders when they crawl, but you don't know about your traffic, health of website and many more analyticall things. For this purpose you have to use Google's Webmaster tool.

If you want only to submit your website into google search engine, then follow below link and just provide your website's URL.

Submit URL to Google

submit url to google

If you want to use Google's Webmaster tool, then follow below steps.

The first and most important thing which you need for this submission is your GMAIL account, if you don't have it then create your account first.

Google provides a tool which is called webmaster tools, in fact it is not a single tool but a set of different tools which a webmaster needs for SEO, analyzing of traffic and performance of website etc.

* First login to your Gmail account then open below link to access webmaster tool then put URL of your website in the provided space and click on ADD A SITE.

Google Webmaster Tools Home Page

 main webmaster tools page

After adding a site to google you will have to verify its ownership. You will see below window asking you to prove its ownership.

verify your ownership of the site in webmaster tools

Download google's verification file onto your PC and upload it onto the root directory of your server, then click on the given link in point 3. You should see the same googl's code in your browser.

verification test webmaster

Now click on "VERIFY" red button at the bottom. you will see below message. Click "Continue" on successfully verification.

verified ownership webmaster

After clicking "Continue", you will see this window which is your main dashboard.

dashboard of webmaster tools

Its time to submit sitemap of your website. For this purpose you can use any online free sitemap generator or create by yourself or ask someone else to do this job for you. Once you have your sitemap in root directory, go to Optimization --> Sitemaps in Google's webmaster tools, as shown below

submitting sitemap webmaster

Now click on "ADD/TEST SITEMAP"

testing sitemap webmaster

First test your sitemap. Put the complete name of your file and click on "Test Sitemap", as shown below

submit sitemap webmaster

Below is the result of sitemap test. If you receives as "no errors found", means your sitemap is ok and ready for submission.

after submission sitemap webmaster

Now go to same previous page to submit sitemap. At this time click on "Submit Sitemap". After successfully submission you will see below page which will show total number of submitted pages and other information.

final step webmaster

You have done all you need to submit your website in google search engine, also you have successfully uploaded sitemap of your website.

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