There are many reasons which can result the error of K2 Component in Menu items list as component com_k2 does not exist and there are many solutions on the net but here I want to discuss one solution which I could not find on the net.

After migration from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 2.5, you can encounter the same error in menu items.

Error of K2 component as it does not exist

 At front end you may see below message on clicking on any menu item.

Request to login at front end due to error

When you enter your login credentials, you face a new error

User name or password does not exist

Solution is very simple for novice persons. Go to menu items list on backend administrator and click on menu item which is facing such issue. Now click on Select button.

Edit Menu Item

Then select menu item preference as per your requirement, Save and exit.

Select a Menu item preference

Now, go to K2 categories and open the same category which was selected on above step and set its access level to Public as shown below. Save & close.

setting access level of a category

Still, may you face below error.

Error 403 for k2 component

Its mean, you have to set access level of your articles. Go to articles resides in the same category, open an article and set its level to public as:

Setting access level of article

That's all, you have done. Now you will see your categories with their articles on clicking to menu item.

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