What is difference between Joomla Module, Plugin and Component?

Joomla, the most popular CMS system provides three main tools to manipulate or furnish your content which are modules, plugins and components. These all three tools called Extensions of Joomla but with different functionality.

joomla module component


It is the main and essential part which displays it's results or outputs in the main page. Joomla's core content management is itself a component. It extends the functionality by adding completely new possibilities.

Components can be assign to Menu items while plugins cannot be. Components can be compose of modules and plugins but modules or plugins cannot be compose of components. Normally, component extentions begin with " com ".

For example: K2, ALF contact form, JCE Editor, and extplorer etc.

joomla components                   Joomla components with com



Module adds extra functionality to component and it's not a standalone application. It's a way of presenting information that is already present. Module can be add multiple times at different positions of the website even a single module can be add multiple times at different positions by duplicating it and placing it at different positions. Module can be assigned to a single page (menu item), or to selected pages or to all pages.
For example Header, Footer, Breadcrumbs etc. Joomla modules normally starts with word "mod".

Joomla module with mod


Plugins are small pieces of codes which work behind the scenes and furnish the outputs. These can be multiple times as modules. For example All videos plugin, xtypo plugin etc. Joomla plugins normally start with "plg".

{xtypo_quote} {/xtypo_quote} this code will change the output of the sentence as quoted one, it can be put multiple times by any editor.

joomla plugin with plg

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