If you want to develop a website, which looks great and appealing, easy to use and maintain. If you are looking a way to update the site with ease and changing its appearance should take only few minutes. If you want to allow other people to write and upload content to your site, but without knowing a bit of code and most important if you want all of these at free of cost then your choice should be Content Management System (CMS) such as Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal etc.

Content Management System (CMS) is an application that runs on web server. It allows to develop and maintain a website without having to understand coding languages. It has capability to build basic and advanced features websites from adding and modifying content to user registration or site search capability without writing a single line of code. It automate the system in a way that requires only one person to build and maintain a site rather than involving a full team of web professionals with a huge amount of time, and money.

Someone has to assess his needs and decide before selecting a hosting company. We have already discussed that website is a collection of files and these files need to be stored on a system that is accessible to other people, this system or computer is called server. When you visit the website of a hosting company to rent web server, you see packages describing as storage space, bandwidth, email addresses, sub-domains, price etc. These packages differ on the basis of features provided by the company.

Here are some main but important features should be consider before finalizing your host.

When you download and save files on your PC/laptop, these files occupy some space of the system. Same, when you upload or keep your website files on the system of a hosting company it requires some space. Keep in mind, present and future required space while selecting a hosting package. Storage space is provided per package basis. If you are planning to host lots of images, audio and video files for your website then you should go for more space.

Some most commonly used terms in the world of web are web hosting, web server, domain name, bandwidth etc. In this article, we will discuss all these terms in detail. In our previous article "Website-Basics", we have discussed about website, and web pages.

People commonly ask a question how public will access my website and where I have to put the files of my website. We know that a website is a collection of files or pages and these pages may contain images, text, multimedia, scripts and anything else related to website, so these files should be store on a system that are accessible to the world. This system is called web server and storing web pages on web server is called web hosting.

There are millions of websites on the internet about different fields of the life from family to business and  education to entertainment. You may want to be one of these millions who have website or blog. Your site might be just to stay connected to your family or friends, or you just want to share your life experiences with the world or it can be only for your hobbies.

We use internet daily but most of us without knowing that what is internet, what is website and how it works, so it will be better to cover some basics about internet, website and how it works.