There are millions of websites on the internet about different fields of the life from family to business and  education to entertainment. You may want to be one of these millions who have website or blog. Your site might be just to stay connected to your family or friends, or you just want to share your life experiences with the world or it can be only for your hobbies.

We use internet daily but most of us without knowing that what is internet, what is website and how it works, so it will be better to cover some basics about internet, website and how it works.

Internet is a net of computers, connected with eachother to share information while locatedNetwork at different places. Some of these computers are called Web Servers and others are Clients. Information stores on web servers, and client computers request to view this information. The World Wide Web (www) is a method of viewing this information from web servers. Web servers contain files and those files contain information. This information can be text, audio, images or video files. These files are called Web Pages and collectively a Website.

So, now you know why we type www at start of any website, in order to tell our web browser we are looking something on world wide web. A web browser is a tool or software which is used to display webpages on the computer screen.

For example; someone opens a browser (Firefox, Google chrome or Internet Explorer) and type, and hit Enter. Now, browser searches for youtube's home page in the internet and goes to it's server. It's server will check the request which is sent by browser and provides the required data (webpage). At the end, browser displays this webpage on the computer's screen.

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Here we discussed very basic things about website. It is a series of articles, so in the next article we have discussed about Web Hosting and Domain Name.

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