Someone has to assess his needs and decide before selecting a hosting company. We have already discussed that website is a collection of files and these files need to be stored on a system that is accessible to other people, this system or computer is called server. When you visit the website of a hosting company to rent web server, you see packages describing as storage space, bandwidth, email addresses, sub-domains, price etc. These packages differ on the basis of features provided by the company.

Here are some main but important features should be consider before finalizing your host.

When you download and save files on your PC/laptop, these files occupy some space of the system. Same, when you upload or keep your website files on the system of a hosting company it requires some space. Keep in mind, present and future required space while selecting a hosting package. Storage space is provided per package basis. If you are planning to host lots of images, audio and video files for your website then you should go for more space.

Bandwidth is the amount wich is transmitted to download your website whenever someone visits your site. So if you expect a lot of people will visit your website or you are planning to host huge files like images, audio or videos then you should think and plan well for bandwidth utilization before finalizing your host company.

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Certainly, you have to pay some money for hosting your website and making it accessible to other people. You will find a wide range of pricing depending on features, technical support, maintenance of web servers etc. So, decide a budget which you can spend on an ongoing basis to have your website hosted.

Normally, people go for shared hosting service, it means the resources of the server shared among users. Besides this, there are some other options which can be adopt if you are a small to large business or planning to host a website which will be visited by a lot of people. These options are VPS and Dedicated Web Servers but you need technical knowledge to handle these servers or have to pay more to someone for caring and maintainance. We will discuss these options in details in our other article.

We have given an idea but remember before signing up, review the features, read the terms and conditions, read reviews of the service, check if technical support is available 24/7, and compare with atleast three providers then finalize your host company.

Here are few sites of affordable, but good hosting companies to purchase web server services.



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